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The Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting is one of the betting sectors that has managed to achieve the fastest growth in the past few years, and the thing that makes it so successful is the great odds and amazing atmosphere that it offers to the end user. In fact, the sports betting industry is widely known as being totally fair with the end users, offering amazing odds that are definitely targeted towards the benefit of the consumer. Sports players are considering the least lucrative to the betting site due to the player’s knowledge. In turn, this makes it one of the most lucrative sectors for the consumer.

This is what led to the massive growth of the sports betting industry, with many companies appearing in the sector, all of which try to offer the best possible results and high revenue margins for the consumers.

Out of the entire sports betting industry, football betting is obviously the largest one out there, mainly due to the massive popularity that football has when it comes to sports fans. Aside from football, you can also find handball, tennis, marathon and car racing bets that can be made, all either online or in your local betting store.

Even though the betting industry was valued at around $15 billion dollars (~£10 bn) in the US alone back in 2005, since then it has managed to grow significantly and right now it’s valued at around $41.4 billion, with the numbers increasing on a daily basis. Worldwide, the sports betting industry can get up close to $100 billion and even surpasses it, if you take into account gambling activities as well.

One thing to note that, profit-wise, football, rugby and horse betting are some of the most important areas in this industry, so you should definitely keep that in mind if you want to enter a sector with a lot of competition. However, before betting blindly, make sure you do your research. Here at Betting The Spread, we aim to provide you with guides that will help your overall success.